Friday 6-1-12

I want to remind everyone that starting next week we will have kids classes in the a.m. We will be running three major groups for classes: Preschool (ages 3-5), Kids (ages 5-12), Teens (ages 12-18). Please note that that it is not the age of your child that is the deciding factor for which class he or she attends. It is largely based upon individual skill, athleticism, and maturity and is ultimately decided upon by the head coach (me) to ensure your child is getting the most out of the CrossFit experience. Preschool class lasts 20 minutes, Kids class lasts 30 minutes, and the Teens class a 50 minute classes that look much like an adult class.  Based on their movement mechanics and desire, one-hour weightlifting sessions will be offered to the Teens by invite only. Classes will be Monday, Tuesday and Thursday with the PreK and Kids starting at 9:30 and the Teens starting at 10:30. Invite only sessions will be held Wednesday and/or Friday at class time. Contact me for additional details.

We are coming up on CrossFit for Hope. The date is June 9th here at the box. The goal is to register and receive donations for St. Jude’s Hospital. This will be a global CrossFit event with thousands of people participating. I hope we have a great turnout and I will post more on the details as the week goes. For general information Google CrossFit for Hope.

   Warm Up: Junkyard Dog, Burgener (we will do a little more detailed Burgener to make sure everybody is getting it right) 

One of my favorite K Starr quotes, “Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes habit. Bad practice makes bad habit.”

For Time:

100 Double Unders


3 Rounds:

400 M Run

Bear Crawl down the mat

12 Towel Pull Ups (everybody bring a towel)

Bear Crawl up the mat

Post time to comments 

This video shows several different towel pull ups. We will work with two. Up, switch, down and switch, switch, switch. This will gear us up for rope climbs!

Thursday 5-31-12

I want to update everyone on a couple things. Our new facility is soon to be underway. Once we get it under construction I will be posting progress pictures etc for you all to get excited about. We really feel like it is going to be a great facility. We’ve got the best builders in town working on it – a shout out to JBT! I have been working on our new program to make sure all goes smooth this month with the transition. There is likely to be a snag or two but rest assure all will be okay. I have primarily set everybody up to be due on the 5th or the 20th. Whichever date you have been closest to on payment in the past is where you were placed. The idea is for each of you to get an email 5 days before your due date. There will be options for payment but for this first month we will likely stick with what we’ve been doing in the past. If something doesn’t come out right for you just meet with me privately and we will sort it out. There are many new and exciting things coming up for all of us in the near future.

I have added some widgets and links to the site to make it more user friendly and more streamline. You may notice on the left I have added a CrossFit Reebok link to shop for apparel and such with an automatic discount.I am working with Reebok to get our logo on their products and that will be available soon.  We still have the Progenex link although we are trying to keep that in stock. On the right I have added The Paleo Table. It is a link to clean eating with recipes all the way from main course meals to snacks. I’ve looked at some of the recipes and I think everyone will enjoy.

As always keep the comments coming. We said we would do prizes for comments and we will. Joe and I have ideas we are working on as we speak.

Now down to business…

Warm Up: Spealler

Squat and Deadlift Strength



For Time:

1000 M Row

50 Thrusters, 45/35

30 Pull Ups

Post time to comments

“Old School” Spencer Hendel’s (last year’s 9th fittest man) Jackie. 

Wednesday 5-30-12

I  want to remind everyone  we are doing a baby shower for Daylon & Lauren this Saturday June 2 at 11 a.m. Sign up is at the box next to the WOD board.

I haven’t put muscle ups in the WOD in a while and today there were several people getting them, some for their first time – AWESOME! On a different note we have some that want to do more than they can and I understand that, I am always wanting to test what I can and can’t do, but some things take time. If everyone could walk in and do what we do then what we did wouldn’t be so effective. The best thing to do is learn what steps to take to get what you’re trying to do and then steady the course.

I came across this on a very respected CrossFitters post. I thought it deserved to be shared. There is more to food than just calories, etc. Is your food nurturing? Empty calories, no matter where they come from, are a waste and yes that is full fat raw milk. Know the ingredients!

Warm Up: Junkyard Dog, Burgener

15 Min AMRAP:

7 Cleans, 40%DL

14 Tuck Jumps

21 Pull Ups

3 on the spot burpees each time you drop from the bar

Post rounds to comments

Tuesday 5-29-12

Warm Up: Mobility (specifically myofascial release and joint mobility), Junkyard Dog, Burgener

Press Strength

Bench and Overhead


3 Rounds for Time

10 Thrusters, 75/50

3 Muscle Ups

30 Double Unders

Post time to comments

Be sure you get some additional mobility post-WOD!

Friday 5-25-12

To make a correction in yesterday’s post about Saturday – Joey will be here for “Open Box” from 9-10.

Aerobic training benefits cardiovascular function and decreases body fat. This is certainly of significant benefit. Aerobic conditioning allows us to engage in moderate/low power output for extended periods of time. This is valuable for many sports. Athletes engaging in excessive aerobic training witness decreases in muscle mass, strength, speed and power. It is not uncommon to find marathoners with a vertical leap of several inches and a press well below average for most athletes. Aerobic activity has a pronounced tendency to decrease anaerobic capacity. This does not bode well for athletes or the individual interested  in total conditioning or optimal health.

Anaerobic activity also benefits cardiovascular function and decreases body fat. Anaerobic activity is unique in it’s capacity to dramatically improve power, speed, strength and muscle mass. Anaerobic conditioning allows us to exert extreme forces over a very brief time. Perhaps the aspect of anaerobic conditioning that bears greatest consideration is that anaerobic conditioning will not adversely affect aerobic capacity! In fact, properly structured, anaerobic activity can be used to develop a very high level of aerobic fitness without the muscle wasting consistent with high volume aerobic exercise! – CrossFit Training Guide

Warm Up: 5 Min Mobility, Junkyard Dog, Burgener

3 Rounds for Time:

Max reps Burpee Box Jumps for 1 minute, 24″/20″

Max reps Snatch for 1 minute, 75/50 lbs

Rest 1 minute

Post total reps for each to comments

Wednesday 5-23-12

“Easy Peasy” Mobility Session



Kettlebell Swings, 1.5/1 pood

Box Jumps, 24″/20″


Death by Burpee Toes to Bar

Perform one burpee toes to bar the first minute, two the second minute, three the third minute and so on until you can’t complete the mandatory number of reps for that minute.

Many of you know that I firmly believe in eating “Paleo”, or as I’ve come to call it, “eating clean”. Robb Wolf is a huge advocate of “Paleo” and a leading source of knowledge on the subject. He has put together a series of videos on the topic, a q&a if you will, that I have posted below. The whole thing in it’s entirety is lengthy but you can watch it in segments and I highly recommend that over time we all watch the whole thing. Feel free to discuss and debate openly. 3-2-1 Go!

Tuesday 5-22-12

I want to switch up strength days this week. Monday’s WOD was a lot of squatting with the med ball cleans and I feel like we are going to have some stiff legs.

Warm Up: mat trips

Press Strength

Overhead and Bench


For Time:

750 M Row

30 Ground to Overhead 70% OH Max, each time you let go of the bar perform 1 burpee on the spot

400 M Run

Post time and load to comments


Of the numerous things I get out of this video, one is going to make a huge difference in how often you release the bar. Can you guess which one?

Saturday 5-19-12

Open Gym

9 a.m.

I’m not sure about the turnout today, Filthy Fifty yesterday and spring plans with several people. We will see who shows up with their game face and either do a Team WOD or “shoot from the hip”. I have some good ones in mind. Afterwards if anyone needs some coaching we will make ourselves available for that as well.

Yeah, It was like that.