Tuesday 5-1-12

I know many people are uncertain about when they owe their dues. Our numbers have gone through the roof and don’t fret, we have implemented a billing system that will take effect asap. This will eliminate any future confusion and perhaps give us some options on billing and memberships.

Today what we will do is focus on our strength movements. I want to progress through how we might warm up for the weights, how to set up properly and then how to correct flaws in the set up. To correct many flaws it will take mobility. The time is coming when we are going to have to be very strict on our form and what we allow on our movements. During the WOD fatigue sets in and form kind of takes a back seat to intensity. Outside of the WOD if we are meticulous about our movement the when it’s 3-2-1 Go we aren’t a train wreck.

Show up prepared to get work done!

Warm Up: Bergener, mobility

Deadlift and Squat Strength

other lifts will be monitored as well (clean, snatch etc.)

There is value in how we perform these lifts. A Frisbee might be light to her but would the dog food?

Monday 4-30-12

WOW! This month flew by! I didn’t realize how close we were to May until I put the date on today’s WOD.

We’re gonna do a little twist this week (like you’ve never heard that one before). I want to put our strength on Tuesday and Thursday. I believe it will work brilliantly. We will warm up and stretch accordingly before each WOD and I still really want to get everyone mobilizing after.

Group Warm Up



Three rounds of:


75 pound Power snatch

Box jump, 24″ box

75 pound Thruster

Chest to bar Pull-ups

Done in FGB format. Rotate to the next movement every minute on the minute with a one-minute rest between rounds. Scoring is done by total reps completed.

Post score to comments

Blane is the first athlete at our box to pull one of these off at any size. Very inspiring.

Friday 4-27-12

I have been reading on two of the most common injuries in an athletes life, the knees and the shoulders. It’s amazing how prevalent these injuries are and yet how avoidable they are at the same time. Knee problems are often thought to be from overuse or weak knees. So they get wrapped and they get worked to get stronger. Someone reaches out with a hand and experiences shoulder pain. They must have weak shoulders, so they work their shoulders. How many athletes have great delts and traps but have bad shoulders? Stand on one leg in good form for as long as you can. What gets tired first, the knee or the hip? Hold a handstand for a significant length of time in good form and see what gets tired first. Is it the delts or the back/scapula region?

Training with good form strengthens good form and thus reduces the risk of injury. If you can box jump 24″ repetitively but you don’t have the hip strength to keep the knees from caving in, what should you do?  If you can press 100 lbs overhead but can’t get an active shoulder, guess what you should do? The answer is always DO LESS BETTER! The order of our operations is and always should be mechanics, consistent mechanics and then, and only then, relative intensity.

Group Warm Up

Deadlift Strength


For Time:

400 M Sled Power walk with 1/2 bw

30 GHD/Abmat Sit Ups

400 M Sled Pull with 1/2 bw

30 GHD/Abmat Sit Ups

Post time and load to comments

Sometime in February this class was two people. We’re moving on up!

Thursday 4-26-12

I really have to say I cannot get enough of all the comments everybody has been posting. I get a feel for what everyone is thinking and frequently I get a great laugh. We have an incredible community!

I wanted to share some thoughts on a couple of conversations I’ve had within the last week. CrossFit has built quiet a reputation for being a real kick ass workout and rightfully so. I mean you don’t see many health and fitness programs these days with it’s own annual games venue with tens of thousands of athletes from around the world participating and a huge payout for the winner of those games.  That being said, any good trainer can make just about anybody puke and/or pass out in a matter of minutes. That’s not what our programming is about. It feels that way a lot of the time, but if you look at CrossFit as a whole, it’s not just a workout. If our athletes follow our coaching and  play it smart, we are talking about being able to do what we do well into our golden years. You just don’t see that with other “fitness” programs. How fit are you if injury has you sidelined instead of in the mountains or on the ball field with the grand kids?

Group Warm Up 



3 Rounds:

400 M Run

21 Kettlebell Swings, 1.5/1 pood

12 Pull Ups

Post time to comments

Congratulations to Melinda! (upright in the blue) She cut 27 minutes off of her Pinnacle Mtn. run from last year. I think she believes in what we’re doing.

Wednesday 4-25-12

I have been noticing less and less strength work after the WODs lately and then I get questions like, “what can I do to get better pull ups?” I can’t think of a better way to sum it up than the quote below.

“…a weight that feels light off the floor can be pulled faster
than a weight that is comparatively heavy. If you’re not in shape to recover from a heavy pull,
I can’t think of a better way to get in shape than doing heavy pulls. If you can keep your back
flat pulling 700, you can damn sure keep it flat when you accelerate through 525.” – Mark Ripetoe

What he is saying is GET STRONGER! and then everything seems lighter. Would pull ups not seem easier if you didn’t feel as heavy?

Group Warm Up


Press Strength

We will move strength back to the before the WOD for today. The WOD will consist of similar movements.


3 Rounds:

100 Double Unders

As many body weight bench press as you can complete

Post load and reps to comments

What can you do with 15 minutes? I’ve heard people say things like It’s not even worth going to the gym if all I have is 15 minutes. Did any of you want 20?

Tuesday 4-24-12

Core stability is one of the biggest buzzwords in the fitness training
community today. There are more programs and gadgets claiming to target “the core”
than can be counted. The effectiveness of most of them is questionable, but we’ll leave
that alone. First, lets clarify what the core is. The foundation of the body from which
the extremities (arms and legs) can move and function includes the spine, scapulae
(shoulder blades), and pelvis. Therefore, the muscles involved include abdominals, back
extensors, muscles acting on the hips and pelvis, and scapular stabilizers. Coach Glassman says we work on midline stability, not the core. This is to clarify that we don’t work on how our abs look at the cost of how they function. How many people have great looking abs and back problems?

Group Warm Up at the top of class

15 Min AMRAP:

200 M Run

12 Pull Ups

12 Burpees

Post time to comments

By definition above, how many of you felt your “core” get worked on this WOD? I was asked by several, “should I feel this in my back?” What do you think?

Monday 4-23-12

The Somatosensory System is a series of neurological receptors in the skin and
soft tissue of the body that provide information to the brain about pressure on that tissue.
If you are standing the middle of a room, somatosensory receptors in your feet are
informing your brain about how much pressure the floor is exerting on you. Is your
weight evenly distributed across the sole of the foot? Or, is your weight more towards
one side, your toes, or your heels? If your shoes distort this system, would you suppose  you are wearing the wrong shoes?

Distance runners often place much emphasis on their shoes. They look for the right amount of arch support, cushion, traction etc. Some of the best runners in the world come from countries where they may have in fact ran most of their lives without shoes.

Group warm up at the top of class

For Time:

Run 800 meters
10 rounds of the couplet:
Handstand push-up, 5 reps
One legged squat, 6 reps
Run 800 meters

Post time to comments


Squat Strength


How many parents are nervous for this baby right now? We get nervous when they’re in the tub, this freaks us out. Where’s someone to keep him or her from going under? How important is it that your infant knows how to swim?

Saturday 4-21-12

It’s time!!!!

1 Year Anniversary Party

We will Kick off the festivities at 10 a.m. and wrap up @ 2.

I will show up 9ish to open the doors and start preparing. Anyone that wants to chip in is welcome. The bounce house is scheduled to be put up @ 9. The food will show up @ 11. Emily put a slide show together of the last year. We will give away prizes, cool prizes, to visitors and members. Daylon is even scheming a little competition between us and y’all. We’ll see where that one leads.

I know some have been wondering about the WODs. I’ll clarify. Normally on Saturdays we meet at one time and do one or two WODs. We will all WOD at different times today. Some will go at each time slot (10, 10:30, 11, 11:30) and only at that one time. I would like to have different ability levels for each one. Some are wanting to decide which WOD they do and this really is not what I am looking for. I want visitors to see scaling and struggling with each WOD. If a new person comes in and only sees someone really good at what we’re doing, there’s not a lot of confidence there in their ability to do it.

Friday 4-20-12

Warm Up: Row 300 M, 20 Wall Ball Shots, 20 Tuck Jumps, 10 Cartwheels

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of the triplet:

Chest-to-bar pull-up
Box jump, 30/24 inch box
GHD sit-up

I hope everyone enjoyed the break from the double unders. I believe that was the first WOD prescribed with singles from our box.

Thursday 4-19-12

It’s cool that everybody gets worked up about the WOD and checks out what we’re doing the night before. That’s how it’s supposed to work. What’s really cool is when all you You Tubers search frantically for an exercise you have no idea what it is. You can’t find it and when you text everybody else they say they don’t know either. Mwuahahahaha! Don’t freak out you can actually find this one on You Tube.

The party this weekend – Only one person has told me she is coming and bringing a guest. I hope we have enough food! Mylene put together a great time for the kids, I hope everyone thanks her. If you would still like to contribute to all that she has put together, please do so. It costs a little bit to rent everything and the expenses keep accruing. We have some red tape to cut $$$.

I will have an itinerary that will be something like this: 4 WODS starting at 10 and every 30 minutes thereafter (10, 10:30, 11, 11:30). I don’t want everyone to do all four WODS but rather only the WOD I assign you to. I want some that are really good at the WOD they are being assigned to all the way to some that really need modifications. This will give the ones visiting and checking us out the chance to see how we really do it. Food will show up just before 11. 12 to 2 is all about socializing and having a good time. Drink will be allowed with some stipulations (we will cover these at the party).

Warm Up: Spealler, Butt Kickers, Toy Soldiers, Karaoke


4 Rounds:

100 Jump Rope

400 M Run

10 Body Blasters (Burpee pull up into a knees to elbows)

Post time to comments

I have to give an “Atta Girl” to two of the ladies in this picture for their effort on “Elizabeth”. Lori and Stacy gave it all they had and really put some work in. Great job ladies!