Wednesday 2-29-12

Congratulations to Lori, Stacy and Justin!!! All three left the band alone for Jackie and did all 30 pull ups RX. Knowing that only months ago none of them could get a single unassisted pull up that is a great feat.

I made a mistake on the 1:30 time slot for the Warrior Dash. Apparently that time is still available. Be sure to register quickly and get your shirt size to Mylene.

This Saturday I would like for everyone that has signed up for CrossFit in the last two months to make the 8:30 workshop. Instead of making it about one theme we will cover several things necessary for all newcomers.

20 Mins: Warm Up, OHP Strength and WOD Overview

Warm Up: 30 Jumping Jacks, 5 Handstands, 10 Wall Ball Shots


30 Snatches for Time, 135/95 lbs

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Tuesday 2-28-12

Mylene has placed a sheet on the front cork board for everyone to give her their shirt size for the warrior dash shirts. We need to get everyone that intends on going to the dash to register asap. Time slots are filling up. The 1:30 we were shooting for has apparently already filled up. Start on the 2:30 and we’ll make that work. Only sign up for a shirt after you have registered.

I’m going to ask everyone over the next couple of days for a song they want on our box playlist. Have a favorite or two ready. We will get them on a list according to what time you usually make a class.

I know that our box is tough to keep spotless. The constant in and out, chalk everywhere, and all that comes with the type of  training we do. I would really appreciate it, however, if I could get everyone to help with the little things. If you chalk up and get it all over the med balls, sweat all over the abmats, or get blood and such on the bars, or anywhere for that matter, please use the wipes we have available to clean up for the next round. The water bottles all over the box are getting way out of hand… you get the idea. Thanks

This WOD is a shorter one. We will go in heats as it has rowing. Many people have mentioned the need for mobility. As always you are more than welcome to come in for mobility in place of the WOD anytime if your schedule won’t allow you to come in separately for that. After the warm up anybody that needs mobility – here you go, a few minutes before or after the WOD.

Warm Up: 3 rounds of Cindy


1000 M Row

50 Thrusters 45/30 lbs

30 Pull Ups

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It would help many of us to identify which we are and what corrections we might need to make to maintain good posture.

Monday 2-27-12

20 Mins: Warm Up, Deadlift Strength and WOD overview

Warm Up: 9-6-3 Burpees, Wall Ball Shots

Deadlift Strength: Increase your 90% by 10 lbs and recalculate weeks 1-3. Begin with week 1. If you have been struggling to get your reps on your existing percentages or you are breaking form on your reps, stay with your current numbers or even reduce them for a wave and come back up. The idea is not only to strengthen the prime movers in these lifts but to strengthen every muscle in the technique.

20 Min AMRAP:

10 Pull Ups

2 Deadlifts, 80%

10 Handstand Push Ups

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You know they’re coming team, work on them!

Friday 2-24-12

Think about what kind of CrossFit Texarkana apparel and gear you want. So far we have shirts, shorts, hoodies, caps, beanies, socks, and things such as KT Tape and possibly shakers. We will have a choice of two logos. I will post them when they are both completed and given to me. I want to make sure on the first order we get correct sizes and items for everyone that wants what they want. The shirts will be the main focus on the first order I’m sure. We have a sample of what the shirts will be like at the box, men’s and women’s cuts. Try them out and know your size. It looks like we will do $30 for the shirts because they will be a better quality than what we have gotten in the past.

Warm Up: 2X – Butt Kickers, Grapevines, 10 Wall Ball Shots

3 Rounds for Time:

30 Walking Lunges

20 Double Unders

10 Handstand Push Ups

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Just one of the latest WOD weapons to join the arsenal.

Wednesday 2-22-12

We have the CrossFit Opens starting today. Joe registered CrossFit Texarkana as a team. We would like to see some athletes register to compete for the sport of it. I know we have a couple that really want to advance and I know we have a few that would like to see where we stand in the big scheme of things. Saturday has been great for team WODs and such but what we will do during the opens is allow everyone to do the Open WODs.

Warm Up: Spealler

4 Rounds for Time:

400 M Run

9 Muscle Ups/Progressions

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Good-looking group of CrossFitters there!

Tuesday 2-21-12

Warm Up: Butt kickers down and back, 20 elbows to arches, grapevine down and back, stiff leg march down and back, 20 push ups.

We will sub pull ups for rope climbs if they cannot be done

Seven rounds for time of:

15 foot Rope climb, 1 ascent
10 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball
15 Kettlebell swings, 1.5 poods
20 Double-unders

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I don’t care what you do in any gym, that’s impressive!

Monday 2-20-12

We will be on week four with our strength. This is a deload week. We will not schedule the lifts this week. If you have not found a beginning max for the lifts or if you need to find a new max with good form (as many of you do) then we will do so before the WOD as time allows. If you reached a max that compromised form and proper technique you are finding that your percentages have compromised form and technique. I will explain how we advance our percentages without going for a new max as the week rolls on.

20 Mins: Warm Up, Mobility and WOD Overview.

Warm Up: Bergener


Power Clean, 115/80 lbs

Thruster, 115/80 lbs

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Straps are getting sewn for the sleds to make them readily available for upcoming WODs.