Friday 9-30-11

Happy Birthday Joey!!!!!

Bobby's making it look like field day
Well it looks like we are gonna have to postpone the move after all ūüôĀ¬†We have one major thing to get compliant before we can pass inspection and unfortunately we’re at the mercy of another to get it completed. That’s ok! It’s gonna happen soon and when it does, it’s on!
  I want to remind everyone it is the first and dues are here. Many of you have already paid and we thank you for being so punctual.
  Progenex Recovery and More Muscle is here. No shipping and no tax.
  I am putting together the final details on our 9 week Texarkana CrossFitness Challenge. I believe we will have mind blowing success with this one. I hope everyone gets serious about participating. It would really raise some eyebrows to see a mass of lean, mean, CrossFitting machines walking Texarkana.

10 min Group Warm Up and WOD Overview at the top of class

5 Rounds for Time:

Row 500 m

Rest 2:00

keep times within seconds of each other

post fastest time and final time to comments

Wednesday 9-28-11

Great times!
¬† Everybody say a prayer and keep your fingers crossed. Move day is almost here and there’s a lot to do to get compliant with the city. It’s being worked on but we need no hang ups.¬†
¬† I’m always impressed on the days we work on heavy moves and I think y’all are too. So many athletes did so much better today than the last time we took weight overhead. I have to mention; great job Dayla on the double unders and Dodie on your set up form and¬†execution¬†¬†on your clean and jerk today! There were so many others that could be mentioned but these two have worked at those moves relentless for some time now and it’s really paying off. Thank you for your tenacity.

10 min Group Warm Up and WOD Overview at the beginning of class

10 mins to find Front Squat Max

20 min AMRAP:

6 Bridge Ups

10 Front Squats with 50% of your 1rm

400 m run

post weight and times to comments

Metabolic Derangement

Metabolic Syndrome –¬†¬†a combination of¬†medical¬†disorders that, when occurring together, increase the risk of developing¬†cardiovascular disease¬†and¬†diabetes.¬†It affects one in five people in the United States and prevalence increases with age. Some studies have shown the¬†prevalence¬†in the USA to be an estimated 25% of the population.¬†– Wikepedia

My intention was to get a clear cut definition of metabolic derangement. What I found was a mine field of symptoms under many names all leading back to the general term metabolic derangement.

The following is part of a  CFJ article that I thought was fitting:

Anyone who wants the full benefit and results of CrossFit must understand–and then act on the information–that nutrition is the foundation for all the other work you do in the name of athletic development and elite health. The key, of course, is hormones, which regulate how the body stores and releases energy and repairs itself. And, as far as hormones are concerned, food is a drug–a very powerful drug. It is the regulator for your body’s internal teeter-totter, where the interdependent levels of “good” and “bad” hormones pivot on the food you take in. The simple CrossFit nutrition prescription–“Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar”–will deliver you from metabolic derangement (i.e., hyperinsulinemia, Syndrome X, and their relatives) and keep you generally well. – Nicole Carroll – CrossFit Co-Director of Training.

I recommend everyone do a search on this term. What you find is intimidating and it all revolves around nutrition. If we aren’t eating right we open ourselves up to an onslaught of disease. Our quest continues for eating “right”.

Tuesday 9-27-11

We're gonna feel that in the morn!

In two element WODs, the first round is hard but possible, whereas the second and subsequent rounds will require pacing, rest and breaking the task up into manageable efforts. If the second round cannot be completed without trouble, the elements are too easy.

10 min Group Warm Up and WOD overview at the beginning of class

10 mins to Find Your 1 Rep Max on Ground to Overhead (clean & jerk probably)


4 Rounds for Time:

6 ground to overhead with 75% of 1rm

30 double unders

post weight & times to comments

Monday 9-26-11

For a combination of strength, flexibility, well-developed physique, coordination, balance, accuracy and agility the gymnast has no equal in the sports world. Gymnastics places a unique premium on the improvement of strength to weight ratio. The inclusion of this training modality is absurdly absent from nearly all training programs. – CrossFit Training Guide

Group Warm Up and WOD Overview at the beginning of class. Scaling/Modifying will be addressed at this time.

10 Rounds for Quality:

30 seconds on 30 seconds off – Slide to Hollow

  • Perform a push up
  • From the push up position start sliding your feet away from your hands
  • Maintain arms straight and hollow body position
  • Control descent until your body is completely flat on the ground
  • Bring your hands back to the bottom of your push up
  • Repeat

score will be how many total controlled slides you perform in all 10 rounds

suggested post WOD work would be rings or handstands

Artificial Sweetners

So I’m walking by a small group of women, and one of them says, “all I’ve had this morning…” as she proceeds to explain how little she’s had to eat so far today. Despite her claims, she certainly doesn’t¬†appear¬†to have her “diet” in check.

If someone approaches me with “can you help me with my diet”?, or something similar to this, the first thing I usually respond with is “give me two weeks of documented nutrition”. I’m sure, at this point, the first thing going through their mind is, “I want to get to work on this thing now, not in two weeks”. That’s a whole other blog but one reason I request this for is to really see what that person eats and not just that they eat “healthy” or “pretty good” or “I eat mostly…”. I cannot count high enough to tell you how many times I’ve said “what do you eat?” and the response is “oh that’s easy, I eat the same things all the time”. Then when I set up a plan for them they say “I can’t do that it’s the same thing all the time!” The fact is documentation is validation. When it’s recorded in front of you, if you’re honest, the whole world knows how you eat.

I don’t do this ¬†so I can say “hey you’re eating way to much” or “you’re eating terrible” but more to seriously¬†analyze¬†what and how much of what is being consumed (Note the term metabolic derangement. We will come back to it in another blog). Although sometimes when we look at the two weeks there are obvious areas to work on, many times it’s not so obvious. This confuses and frustrates many people. Their healthy eating can turn into “healthy” (wink wink if you catch what I’m saying) eating most of the time. Meals and snacks of what we buy in to.

Sugar substitutes, artificial sweeteners, fat-free and sugar-free labels have people thinking they are eating right. Robb Wolf Рfounder and co-owner of CrossFit Norcal, Author, and CrossFit Nutrition Certification speaker brought to my attention an interesting article. This piece comes from Scientific American, Winner of  the 2011 National Magazine Award for General Excellence.

Just Desserts: Artificial Sweeteners Linked to Weight Gain

You know those no-guilt diet drinks you chug by the gallon, and the fake sugar you dump in your coffee to stay trim? Bad news: a new study suggests that artificial sweeteners may actually make it harder to control your weight.

Psychologists at Purdue University’s Ingestive Behavior Research Center report that nine rats given yogurt sweetened with no-cal saccharin ended up eating more and gaining more weight and body fat than eight fellow rodents given yogurt containing plain old glucose (a simple sugar with about 15 calories per teaspoon, the same as table sugar).

Study authors Susan Swithers and Terry Davidson speculate the reason is that the faux sweetener messes with the brain, fooling it into revving up the body’s metabolism in anticipation of a never-to-come calorie load.

Typically, they say, the taste buds, sensing something sweet, signal the brain to prep the digestive system to gear up for a caloric onslaught; when the expected sugar jolt (extra calories) fails to materialize, the body gets rattled and has trouble bouncing back and regulating appetite when other food is available. As a result, rats eat more or expend less energy than they would have had they had the real thing.

“The data clearly indicate that consuming a food sweetened with no-calorie saccharin can lead to greater body-weight gain and adiposity [fat] than would consuming the same food sweetened with a higher-calorie sugar,” the authors write in the journalBehavioral Neuroscience. They say that other artificial sweeteners‚ÄĒaspartame, sucralose and acesulfame‚ÄĒcould have a similar effect.

The researchers note that the findings gibe with other emerging evidence‚ÄĒincluding a study published last month in the American Heart Association’s journal,¬†Circulation‚ÄĒthat shows people who down diet drinks are at a higher risk for¬†obesity¬†and metabolic syndrome (a medley of medical problems such as abdominal fat, high blood pressure and insulin resistance that puts people at risk for¬†heart disease¬†and diabetes).

They acknowledge, however, that more research is needed. After all, just because this counterintuitive effect may occur in rats does not necessarily mean it also happens in humans. Still, let it serve as a warning to anyone who may have a false sense of security that artificial sweeteners are all it takes to be fit and healthy.


Friday 9-23-11

controlled chaos = extreme fitness

Great week! We’ve had two successful fundraisers in the last two weeks. Thanks everyone who participated and donated. We ended up raising a substantial amount for both. Donations can still be made for FGB6. We do still have some shirts from the fundraiser. Larges for $20.

I think the word is out; we will be relocating to Main St. Just right down the road from where we’re at now. We will have a larger facility that will accommodate more athletes and still give us more room per athlete. That’s exciting! This will all go down Saturday October 1. We have two trailers lined up and already have several volunteers to lend a hand with the move. More hands are welcome. If you are available that morning and you want to be a part of this all happening come join us. The more the merrier and really the easier lol! We might even let you voice your thoughts about setting up the new place… well maybe not. I got a little carried away. Unless you do have a really good idea, then we’ll talk.

I will do a little education at the top of class and work with everyone on soreness and tightness from the week.

“Weight Day”

This will be a day to work on technique and PRs. You pick the lift. I will make suggestions if needed. 

post PRs to comments

Thursday 9-22-11

Group Warm Up and a little skills at the top of class

This is a new one and it will require some of us to modify. Pistols are an excellent stability builder. They take coordination, balance, and the way we are about to do them, speed. That sounds like some of what I want. How about you?

If this WOD looks intimidating, don’t fret. I have a back up for both exercises and we will have some fun with this one.

5 Rounds for Time:

6 Pistols with roll on each leg (this can be consecutive or alternate)

3 Rope climbs

post times to comments

after the WOD today I want to start post-WOD stretches