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Super Bowl LIV (Time)

Teams of 4


100 Calorie Bike (Guys & Girls)

32 Tire Flips (4 at a time)

16 Deadlift/Burpee Complexes

800m Slam Ball Follow Your Blocker Run (12# guys and girls)

54:00 Time Cap

4 Rounds = 4 Quarters in a game

100 = The NFL’s 100th season

32 = number of teams in the NFL

16 = number of teams in each conference

800 = 8 divisions in the league

54 = Super Bowl 54!!!

Deadlift/Burpee Complex = 1 HEAVY Deadlift (315/205) + 2 Bar Facing Burpees (Follow the leader style)

In the follow your blockers run three people will run in front while the fourth person runs behind with the slam ball. When you switch the person carrying the slam ball goes to the front of the line and laterals to the person who goes to the back. No forward laterals!!!

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