“Fun Friday”

This is the last day to sign up on the team for the Race For The Cure. Sign Up!

Wedding shower at Zapata’s Saturday after the WOD @ 11.  Come have fun and hang out.

30 Ways to never get the body you want and feel terrible trying:

#4) Don’t get enough sleep – in fact, stay up really late on your computer as often as possible.

Sign InWarm UpMobility

We will look at the jump and some variations such as the kneeling jump. 


Team WOD

21-15-9 X 2:

Sumo-Deadlift High Pull

Push Press

Box Jump

The two person team will combine their effort to complete the total number of reps for that round before moving onto the next round. Load for the lifts will be half of the average body weight per team.

Post team together with load and time to comments