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Warmup (No Measure)

2 Rounds on the Bike:

1:00 Forward Pedal/1:00 Back Pedal

0:45 Forward Pedal/0:45 Back Pedal

0:30 Forward Pedal/0:30 Back Pedal

0:15 Forward Pedal/0:15 Back Pedal

Each round is 5:00 long.

Legs Only. We are activating our hamstrings here.

2 Rounds

Slow Arm Haulers x 10 Reps

Prone Hollow Hold on Wall x 0:30

DxDB Up-Down to Hang Power Clean x 6 Reps (Light to Moderate Weight)

Gymnastics (No Measure)

15:00 Handstand Walking Practice

Bro Sesh (No Measure)

Every 1:30 For 18:00 (12 Sets):

1) SxDB 3-Point Rows x 8 Reps Per Arm

2) 0:30 SxKB Alt Swings (Heavy)

3) Banded OH Tricep Extensions x 15-20 Reps (Dynamic)

Gas Pedal (AMRAP – Reps)

30:00 AMRAP

20 DxDB Burpee Deadlifts

1,400m Bike

18 DxDB Burpee Deadlifts

1,200m Bike

16 DxDB Burpee Deadlifts

1,000m Bike

14 DxDB Burpee Deadlifts

800m Bike

12 DxDB Burpee Deadlifts

600m Bike

10 DxDB Burpee Deadlifts

400m Bike

Partners share work as desired.

Every 100m on the bike = 1 Rep

Rx = 50’s/35’s

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