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Warm Up *Run (No Measure)

2 minutes Row/Run/Bike/Ski

Burpee broad jump

Soldier Kicks


Inchworm w/ pushup


Bunny hop 12′ then sprint 2x

High knee Skip down and back

Pose running butt kicks *right leg down, left leg back

Warm-up *Barbell 3s (No Measure)

Then 3 Rounds

3 Bent Over Rows

3 RDLs

3 Hang Muscle Cleans

3 Front Squats

3 Strict Presses

3 Elbow Rotations

3 Back Squats


1 Minute Front Rack Stretch

45 seconds Couch Stretch each side


3 Rounds building to WOD weight

3 Wallballs

3 Knee-Ups

3 Thrusters

3 Pushups

Breast Cancer Awareness (Time)

Synchronized with a partner

200m Run with medball

20 Wallballs 20/14

20 HSPUs

20 KB Swings

20 T2Bs

20 Thrusters 75/55

20 Box Jumps 24/20

20 Plyometric Pushups (both hands leave the floor and touch chest in the up position. Scale by only lifting one hand to touch chest, alternating hands each rep)

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